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The Timesheet Tracker That Puts You in Control

Updated: Dec 14, 2019

With different timesheets and time tracking methods that go wherever workers do, get ready to save big, streamline processes, and supercharge your business with TSheets.

Since work can happen anywhere, you need an employee time tracking app that can keep up. The TSheets mobile app tracks time even when Wi-Fi and cell coverage is unavailable. Stop wasting your time managing and scheduling employees with Excel. Whether you've got employees in multiple locations, at the office, or out in the field, the TSheets mobile app has everything you and your employees need to track accurate time and process payroll in minutes with your favorite software - like QuickBooks.

It's easy to love TSheets. I have talked with countless QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors about how much they adore the product, the support, the energy of the TSheets team and their super-soft t-shirts. HOWEVER, I know that there are many who are looking for that exact reason WHY TSheets is the perfect solution for them.

I get it. There are so many add-ons and apps for businesses these days, learning the ins and outs of ONE more product usually gets pushed waaaaaay down on the priority list, but I encourage you to consider a conversation I had with Nancy Smyth, a TSheets PRO and construction industry specialist, who we have been collaborating with for a few months now. She shared with me an exchange she had with a client. It went something like this:

Nancy: I was having a conversation with a long time customer whose payroll process consists of Certified Payroll and Billing. She asked about automated time tracking and I mentioned TSheets.

Client: Oh! I’ve read a lot of good things about them but they are so expensive.

Nancy: How many hours a week does your payroll administrator spend entering timesheets?

Client: About 3 hours.

Nancy: Ok, so take her hourly burdened rate times 3 and that’s HER base cost EACH WEEK. NOW, add to that the hours each week she (or you) chase employees down to decipher the ineligible scribblings on those hand written timesheets.

Client: [Now laughing] That’s another 2 hours.

Nancy: Ok, 5 hours x her hourly burdened rate x 4 weeks per month. Still think it’s expensive?

Client: No. Not when you put it that way. ♥

Thank you Nancy for sharing this real-world example of how you share the value of TSheets with your customers!

In case you were wondering at the pricing plan for TSheets, companies under 100 employees, TSheets are $20 for the base fee and $5 per user. AND most companies see savings of over 2% in the gross payroll costs once they switch to automating their time tracking with TSheets. Curious to what you or your client’s might save? Use our payback calculator to see for yourself…

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