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Essential Applications for QuickBooks

During my public seminars, several people ask for some of the apps that I use or that I have recommended to my clients. For example, TSheets is an application I use and often mention to business owners during class that need a way to integrate a time tracking tool into either QuickBooks Desktop or QuickBooks Online. This app is used to track employee time and saves companies money with Payroll related expenses. TSheets offers FREE, unlimited, award-winning support by phone, online chat, or email so someone will always be there to help. Take a look at a free 14-day trial offer for TSheets. Optionally, choosing direct billing saves 25% off posted pricing.

Listed below are a list of apps that I use and are my top picks for my clients. Also, as an Intuit Certified ProAdvisor for QuickBooks, I’m able to offer my clients direct billing options which allows them to be direct billed and save up to 25% off published pricing. I would be happy to help you set any of these powerful solutions up for you so that you can save and begin simplifying tasks, streamlining data entry, and syncing it all to QuickBooks.

  1. Veem – Simplify Global Business Payments (up to 20% off)

  2. AutoEntry – Automates entry of bills, receipts, bank and credit card statements (up to 20% off)

  3. Payments – Use Stripe, PayPal,, Braintreem, WorldPay, SagePay USAePay (up to 20% off)

  4. Plooto – Send and receive business payments in one integrated cloud-based platform (up to 20% off)

  5. Qvinci - #1 Reporting App in the Intuit Store (up to 20% off)

  6. Excel Transactions Importer and Deleter – Intuitive and powerful tool for importing, exporting, and deleting transactions (up to 20% off)

  7. Expensify – One-Click Receipt tracking – snap a photo of your receipt and patented SmartScan technology automatically reads the merchant name, date, and amount, and transcribes this information onto an expense report (up to 20% off)

  8. TSheets Time Tracking – Simplify payroll and invoicing with time tracking (up to 25% off)

  9. SOS Inventory - Inventory, order management, and manufacturing for QBO (up to 20% off)

  10. Method: CRM – The most customizable CRM for QuickBooks (up to 20% off)

  11. Float – Intuitive cash flow forecasting (up to 20% off)

  12. ServiceM8 – Smart field service software for home service & contractors (up to 20% off)

One client. Multiple companies. More savings.

Something I also often hear from my QuickBooks Desktop users is managing more than one company file with the desktop license without additional fees. This has been one of the hesitations that business owners have faced when considering migrating from the desktop to online. For a limited time, clients can take advantage of wholesale pricing for new QuickBooks Online users that have multiple companies. Terms and conditions apply but clients can pay a wholesale price on their first company, and the next 14 companies for the next 5 years. Click here to take advantage of that discount.

Saving time and money is something I love to do! Should you have any questions or want to take advantage of the savings for your business, just enter your contact information on my site. In the message block, copy and paste the app you want and I’ll be in touch with you to set it up.

Pricing Update: QuickBooks Online Plus and Essentials

Intuit recently announced advanced notice of pricing changes that will take effect in July for existing small business owners and in August for accounting professionals. Intuit is constantly reinvesting in their QuickBooks Online family of products and accelerate innovations based on customer feedback. QuickBooks helps small businesses find over $3,500 in annual tax savings and save over 42 hours per month on average. Take a look at some of their recent enhancements:

  • Track labor costs by project. Now easily see payroll and time costs in your projects to understand your true profitability.

  • Direct Bank Feeds. Establish bank connections that are more reliable to automatically keep your transactions updated.

  • Coming Soon to QuickBooks Mobile. Capture and automatically match receipts to expenses and much more!

When you add up all the incredible innovations, the new pricing changes reflect the added value QuickBooks Online brings to you and your business.

Please note that all direct billed customers by Intuit will be notified of these pricing changes starting on May 15th. The price updates will also be rolling, beginning on July 1.

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