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Cyberattacks Soared 24% Worldwide During Second Quarter

Cyberattacks across the world increased 24% in the second quarter, with phishing attacks accounting for 67% of malware incidents, says a Global Threat Intelligence Center report by NTT Security. Thirty-four percent of the attacks were against the manufacturing industry, which was followed by finance at 25% and health care at 13%. Yet, CISOs and other IT security executives may not be giving phishing and its mitigation as much focus as other attacks. Read More Here.

Follow these three steps to strong enterprise security where Raytheon Cyber Services’ CEO Paul Perkinson and Chief Strategy Officer Joshua Douglas discusses how a layered approach of assessment, threat hunting, and training can pave the way for more secure enterprise data.

The other top common vulnerabilities and exposures in the second quarter included the Apache Struts remote code execution vuln discovered in March (CVE-2017-5638), which accounted for 24% of attack target campaigns, and ShellShock (CVE-2014-6271), which continues to represent 10%, the report stated.

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