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QuickBooks Online New Features and Improvements - July 2017

Here’s a quick recap of the July enhancements and updates in QuickBooks® Online. Two new features that improve functionality for multi-user firms in QuickBooks Online Accountant:

  • Manage projects directly within QuickBooks Online:

  • Projects, the newest addition to QuickBooks Online Labs, is now available to QuickBooks Online Plus users in the U.S. With Projects

  • Getting started is as easy as lighting a sparkler (hey, watch those fingers)! Learn how to setup and use the new Projects feature here.

  • New partial purchase orders capability in QuickBooks Online:

  • Online users can link a bill, check or expense to a portion of a purchase order instead of the whole thing, making it easier to keep track of transactions and see up-to-date expenses and inventory.

  • Learn how to make the most of the new partial purchase order feature here.

There are many more new features on this update. Download from here. You will need Adobe Reader to view. This link will allow you to download a free version for your Desktop or Mobile device.

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