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Accelerated Excel 1-3 Day Boot Camp

How well do you know Excel?

Attend an Accelerated Excel Boot Camp with Philip Seely, a Microsoft Certified Professional and author of the “Getting Started ….” series.

Excel your skills to Excellence in 1- Day or book all 3 - Multi course discounts available!

Starting with the basics and moving to more advanced features, you’ll learn how to turn Excel into your most powerful productivity tool. If you’re only tapping into a few of the features of this powerful and versatile software, get set for a productivity explosion! You’ll learn hundreds of ways to work faster, smarter and savvier with Excel!

From novice to advanced skill sets, these 3 events are designed to increase your productivity and show you how to harness all the power and potential of Excel.

  • Learn how to set up Excel to meet your personal needs at work or at home and customize its many features so it works for you

  • Discover the basics, plus expert power tips.

  • Maneuver through data base basics, create stunning worksheets and presentations utilizing Excels easy to use tools.

  • Learn to build and understand; spreadsheets, worksheets, and workbooks.

  • Printing and sharing in Excel

  • 7 rules to make worksheet setup easy

  • Create the most complicated, challenging spreadsheets

  • 9 keyboard shortcuts that can cut hours from your work

  • Formulas and functions that cut work down to size

  • How to make the most of macros

  • Data exchange with other applications and the power of tables, databases and lists

  • Master advanced Macros

  • Manage your data

  • Filter, query and analyze data

  • Use lookup and database functions

  • Put PivotTables to work

  • Get to know the Analysis ToolPak

  • Share Excel across workgroups

  • Explore custom views, formatting and report manager

Individual workbooks included for each event, bookmark and take notes as we tour and sample Excels many platforms. For more information or to contact us please visit

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