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Introducing Advanced Excel® Transition to Power User!

Microsoft® Excel® offers countless and endless, simplified options for creating, analyzing, and presenting data with ease. Many of our attendees have said "Time is money and there never seems to be enough of it!" These days the overwhelming majority are doing more with less time. Microsoft® Excel® is one area that can help YOU accomplish MORE in less time. Participants who attended many of the 1 & 2 Day Excel Basics and Excel Beyond the Basics workshop events, mentioned it would be helpful to have a day devoted to the Advanced Features of Excel. Today we were excited to lead, Microsoft®Advanced Excel® transition to Power User.

In just 1 day this group went Beyond the Basics and expanded their knowledge of this powerful program, as they mastered tips for becoming a real Power User. It was exciting meeting today's attendees, a diverse group of 40 participants; most were pretty well versed in many of Excels advanced features. They were certainly not novices as most had a pretty good understanding and moderate to advanced skill sets. Today's group consisted of financial professionals, owners, managers, supervisors, team leaders, administrative support and specialists. They came to enhance their knowledge and conquer some of Excels most exciting advanced features, transitioning them into an Excel Power User. Just listen to Paige B., a Controller who uses Excel daily:

"I am the go to person for Excel at my plant and I have gained more knowledge on shortcuts. Everything was great. Great instructor!"

Philip shared many tips, tricks, and resources the pros use to unlock the power of Excels advanced features. This comment from Dan M., a Supervisor, is how many people felt after a one-day seminar:

"I learned valuable functions in Excel. This will allow me to streamline certain daily tasks. The section on macros alone was well worth the price of the seminar."

Diving straight into Macros and PivotTables can take many professionals to the Power User level and eliminate the fears that so many face. There is so much more to Excel than meets the eye. In just 1 day you can learn how to quickly and easily access an array of little-known features expanding your knowledge and make you a more confident and capable Power User.

Want to learn more or find out how you can participate in workshop events like these? Join others as they take control and broaden their knowledge

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