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Microsoft Excel: Basics, Beyond the Basics and then some!

Over the last 2 weeks, Philip and I visited 4 different cities leading 1 and 2 day workshop events dedicated to teaching participants the Basics of Excel and Beyond. Now-a-days, many jobs require not just Excel skills but knowledge of advanced Excel skills. Many of the attendees stated how frustrating it can be to know what Excel can do but not understand the techniques to accomplish it. Although, some had never used Excel before, most of the participants were not new to Excel; in fact, many had been using it for years yet had no idea there were so many time saving shortcuts.

The event moves fast. Day 1, Philip showed attendees how to set up Excel so that it better met specific needs, boost productivity, simplify data management and streamline everyday tasks. They learned how easy it is to create and share worksheets and workbooks securely. Many were delighted at the simplicity of the time saving formulas, database techniques and macro commands that can really make work go fast. We shared Excel tips, shortcuts and resources that the power users rely on to get the most out of Excel and make data more useful and professional. Day 2, an accelerated event, moves quickly as well but attendees are at a higher level now that they've completed day 1. Attendees were able to strengthen their skill set as Philip dove deeper into worksheets, the Visual Basic Editor, developing PivotTables and PivotCharts to uncover the easiest ways to collect, analyze and format data. The material covered in these workshops are game changers for what you can get out of Excel and we are just getting started!

Many participants expressed their desire for a 3rd day where we could help them better understand and unleash the power of Excels most complex capabilities, spend more time on advanced formulas, tables, conditional formatting and so much more. Here is the thing, what Excel can do is like a never ending story and the better one understands how to utilize it, their capabilities catapult to Excel excellence. We have a lot of dates on our calendar and will be visiting many more cities to host these 1 & 2 day workshop events. To attend a 3-day, that includes a single day dedicated to Advanced Microsoft Excel subscribe now and find out how you can attend an event near you.

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