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10 Steps Manufacturers Should Consider to Reduce IT Threats

A study from Manufacturing Alliance and Deloitte found that most manufacturers have IT as a high priority, but the added risk has yet to be prepared for including cyberthreats on shop floors and with connected products. The adoption of hardware and software that increases interconnectivity among devices raises the risk of hacking or data theft.

Some key survey findings:

  • 39% of respondents experienced a breach within the past year

  • 36% cited IP protection as a top concern

  • 35-45% use sensors, smart products, and mobile apps; 55% encrypt the data used by those systems

  • 50% perform ICS vulnerability testing less than once per month

  • 77% have performed end-to-end product assessments

  • 27% do not include ICS in incident response plans

  • 37% do not include connected products in incident response plans

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