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Leader or Manager?

I just got back from a short trip to Newark, NJ were I worked with a client to help managers become better supervisors. I truly enjoy these types of events because I can immediately see an impact in the persons life. For a moment, the attendees had a chance to reflect from an introspective point of view. During that moment, I believe, begins the shifting from Manager to Leader. How long that moment lasts is irrelevant compared to the lifelong commitment it takes to be the best. The journey begins when a conscience decision is made.

My definition of leadership has been derived from a combination of sources, mentors, and life experience. A leader is that person who can take you (or an organization) to a place that you are unable, or unwilling, to go to by yourself. Fear and other emotions may prevent you from doing what is necessary to take you or the organization to the next level. Leaders challenge us to be better. Leaders motivate us. Leaders empower others. What type of supervisor are you?

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